23 February 2006

Separating the Awkmoes from the Spazoids.

Q: Definition of spastic?
A: Giving myself a fat lip.
Q: How?
A: Punching myself in the mouth while eating a zucchini.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

ok ,um is that a baby in a dumpster?

recess bandit said...

That is hilarious. I guess it does look like a baby in a dumpster. It is actually a head made of clay, from an instruction thingy on how to create life-like garbage babies. Sorry you thought it was real. I hope you did not cry.....baby! Ouhhhh, did I upset the baby?!? I have had way too much coffee.

Anonymous said...

hey my mom dumped me in a dumpster man,and I was looking for family photos onine.oh..sorry spit-up

recess bandit said...

Angel pie, is that you?!? Oh my deary, I thought I would never find you again! Did the scrathes and gouges on the back of your head ever heal? Come by some time for coffee cake.

Anonymous said...

Oh mumsey-why did you leave me in that walmart dumpster?With KD at that price-I could have made it,rickets aren't that big of a deal.

DirtyMaggie said...

Dearest Recess Bandit,

I am glad to have found your blog. The images and all of your writing amuse me greatly. I love your post about the suicide note idea. I think because I do know you the scarcasim comes though and the whole conversation is f'ing funny. You never did give a call about those beers. Please do I would enjoy a face to face shitfaced meeting with you.

Dirty Dirty Maggie

recess bandit said...

Dear Dirty Maggie,
So glad you made it here. I got your e-mail, I have not called yet because I keep pretending that I am going to stay in and do my homework. This is not working. We should hang out on Thursday. I will call you. I am glad I could make you snicker. Oh you dirrty dirrrty fox. hahahahahahahahaha I just called you a fox!!!!