5 February 2006

Conversation in Car.
Me: (excitedly)I came up with the perfect suicide note!
Friend: Are you o.k.?
Me: Yah, why?
Friend: You are writing suicide notes?
Me: Just ask me what it says! It's brilliant!
Friend: No, are you o.k.? Did you really write a note!?
Me: What are you....OH......good god, no I'm not going to kill myself. I just like the note.
Friend: Do you need anything?
Me: O.k., so let's start over. I came up with the perfect note for when I run away with the circus.
Friend: Should I be worried?
Me: NO! Now just ask me what the note would say!
Friend: (hesitantly) Ah, what would the note say if you ran away with the circus?
Me: So long Suckers! (insert hysterical laughter here)
Friend: You are kinda weird you know.
Me: So, now that have heard the note, wouldn't it make a great suicide note?

Looking back on this conversation, I can see where people may get confused. The point of it is, you kinda want to go out making an impression. The impression that I want to leave? I want people to ask themselves "what the fuck does s/he mean by that?"

So, I have no interest in suicide, and the circus is not expected to come through here for a while. The next best thing is to grab my season pass and head back to Wonderland. If you need me, i'll be riding the rails.

so long suckers!

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