28 September 2006

I would love to have this in paper format. I have recently taken to reading my comics in the beam of light that floods my room often.

Some fantastic folks presented me with Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth during my hospital stay.

I would strongly recommend anything by Chris Ware. Especially if you have the time to lounge, such as I have. The only problem is that it makes me weep. And fall in love. It is messy.

sample of Chris Ware's work here.

disjointed sentences courtesy of lack of self control when being handed alcohol.


25 September 2006

favorite one yet.

24 September 2006

Difference of Opinions.

Amazing how my Sparkling glasses make me look like more of a man than when I am dressed as Andy.

Another photo I uploaded told me I looked like Hugh Grant and Heath Ledger. Pontsey.

the recess bandit.

22 September 2006

Kiss it as I Ride Away.

Due to previously mentioned surgery, I was confined to walking about as my main means of transportation. I have no tolerance for the walk about. Today Bertha and I were reunited. It is semi slow moving, but we managed.

Oh how I missed my bike.

the recess bandit.

*please note: the above image is not Bertha, merely a representation. The above bicycle , whom I fondly refer to as Henry, shares a living space with Bertha. They are just friends.

19 September 2006

My Kat Hates You.

I found out about this Youtube link through DiscoKuutchie. Oh yeah, she will totally appreciate the re-naming. Well, here is the link. It is ridiculously funny.


17 September 2006

This made my morning.

That is all.

the recess bandit

14 September 2006

Big Day Out.

Yesterday was my first day out for a full day. It was way to exciting. Sad but true. I walked downtown and hung out with a new friend at my favorite coffee shop. Being there allowed me to mingle with some folks that I adore. I drank more coffee than I should have. Afterwards, my new friend and I went grocery shopping. I was in such a good mood I wanted to do something nice. Imagine that. My housemate, the one that still lives here, has been extra-special during my recovery time. She recently got hooked on coffee sweetened with honey, a habit I fully endorse, so I got her a huge jar of wildflower honey. If you steal it, does it still count as a generous act?

In other news....the original Unit has been split up. The friend/housemate that I got this apartment with has moved on. Funny thing is, he is here more now that he has moved out! Not that I am complaining! His sweet face will be missed in this house.

Shit is this post ever boring.

This is what happens when one is unable to leave the house for more than an hour at a time.

the recess bandit.

p.s. does anyone have any advice on how to tell if a friend is, you now, into you?
I had considered plying them with alcohol, but that would be sleazy...... wouldn't it?

11 September 2006

Wedding bells are going to clank.

Eugene Mirman checked out my Friendster profile. We are so getting married! Funny smells and all.

the recess bandit.

p.s. have I mentioned that I can not ride my bike for another month(!!!!!) therefore I may slowly recede into a blathering fool. No bicycle equals no sanity.

3 September 2006

Bob Odenkirk Rap

A little back to school special for you kids out there. This makes me laugh so hard, I think I pulled a stitch.

1 September 2006

big baby.

i have not done much but scream in pain. fuck does this ever hurt. i ran out of arnica. i ran out of patience. still worth it. worst part about it is that i can hardly read my books that i stock piled. a friend brought me Kafka's Metamorphisis books-on-tape cause i wanted to read it in the hospital. i am baking cakes for all my friends, as soon as i can lift my arms.


the recess bandit.

p.s. i want to go see Little Miss Sunshine this week, any takers? you know where to reach me.

p.p.s. i love charles burns so very much. just so you know.