23 April 2007

i don't kiss losers and i don't kiss winners.

my head is buzzing with fantastics tales. my fingers have no desire to type them out.

one thing i will tell you, i had a fantastic weekend. i meet some wonderful folks.

i also experienced some folks making "suggestions" for how i ought to conduct my affairs, or rather lack thereof.

i am referring to being happily single for a significant period of time. is it really so bad to like being alone? having a queen size bed to myself? not finding someone else's hair in the sink?

dating someone bossy would suck. i am waiting for someone spectacular to travel my way. i think i deserve it, being such a catch and all.

18 April 2007

Marry Me Jon Stewart.

The following link is to a clip from the daily show regarding a person going through a transition and being fired over it. The Daily Show has managed to do another wonderful job.

enjoy: http://www.ifilm.com/video/2845521

12 April 2007

for pete's sake.

what an effing seven day stint it has been.

i used to have dreams that Vonnegut and I were drinking whiskey in random bars. He would just happen to be where ever I was.

i am going back to bed.


8 April 2007

Failure to destroy.

my plan for last evening was not followed through. instead of hitting the sauce as i had planned, i chatted with friends. today i am not puking.

i did manage to put together a crack team of animators though for a collaboration.

7 April 2007

fucking heartbreak.

i lost a very dear friend and it is making me crazy. one second i am doing that scream cry, sobbing uncontrollably, then a split second later, full calmness.

i feel like kicking and screaming and punching and biting.

three days now in a strange sobbing paralysis.


there are many folks that i am supposed to get a hold of that are just going to have to wait.

tonite, i drink myself silly.

tomorrow, i puke for hours, hopefully.

i will be fine by next friday.

4 April 2007

my ears are in love.

two of the best things i have heard in the past few days are:

1) you put the suppository up the old cooley,stand on your head and let it get to work. (cooley is also the nickname of my old housemate)

2) you've seen my downstairs mix-up (after flashing someone).

chances are, these are not as amusing for you folks as they are me, but that is the way the cookie crumbles ya brats.


2 April 2007

cue the whirring sound...I am back folks. the kid downstairs is back into paying bills, and i am piggy backing once again. no more standing in the library or sneaking off at parties to send poorly written e-mails in a mad dash to stay in touch with all my favorite kids.

life is pretty good these days and i am currently pursuing my life long dream job. working with the post office. this is no joke. i want to be a letter carrier so badly. what better job for me. i could get jacked up on coffee, strap on an over-weight carrying sack and wander all around town avoiding human contact. i do that now for free, it is just as well i join one of the best unions around and make an effing career out of it.

plus, i love the mail. some could say it is a slight obbsession.

so, look for me wandering the streets, looking surly and uniformed and know that my heart is singing.

such fun.

till next time losers,
the recess bandit.

oh yeah, the picture above is a shortbread cookie made for me for my housewarming party by my former housemate.

it was so delicious.