31 December 2006

I recently got a haircut from a friend and as a trade I was to take photos of the new haircut. I did a photo shoot with myself, which is very difficult for me. There were a ton of technical difficulties, as well as me being very uncomfortable during the entire thing.

The thing that gets me though is how I look.

Do I really walk around with this look on my face? I look as if I am emotionaly dead or something.

29 December 2006

Emotional States.

I keep telling myself that I will not get emotional and sucked into Battlestar Galactica, but it just keeps happening again and again. I am holding my breath during battles and rescue missions. I am getting misty eyed over the drama and touching speeches. I really, really want to know who the other five are. I am shouting to characters on my screen. It is truly ridiculous.

Things are good. The Jesus Season is almost over. This one was my best one yet.

I also received advice regarding my medical condition to see a chiropractor. Get adjusted. I have been trying to find a chiropractor in this city for a few weeks now. I miss getting snapped and popped.

I got nothing else. Not really.

15 December 2006

OOOhhhhhhh, two posts in one day....

I got the results from my blood work today. I was hoping for a vitamin deficiency. I even thought it was a good omen when someone I knew came out of my doctor's office, having just had her B12 shot.

Good news bad/bad news scenario. There is nothing wrong with any of my organs, I am not vitiam deficient, so it is probably all in my head. Which is the bad news. I probably have something firing wrong inside my brain, which means I have to go for MRI's, CTScans, and all that jazz. There are soooo many ways in which that sucks.

But this whining and dining my irrational fears is not what this entry is about.

After leaving the doctor's office, I felt really low. I needed a night to myself. I needed relief.

I needed to get drunk.

Only I don't drink alcohol, so, I needed to get drunk on food.

I went shopping for junk food.

This is where is gets ridiculous. You know what I bought?

Two cans of Organic Carbonated Juice, naturally sweetened, and two grapefruits.


I tried really hard to buy some crap, but nothing appealed to me.

I was even more depressed at my recent failure, so, I forced myself to go out and buy myself a soda pop.

591 ML of Dr. Pepper.

It is going to be magic.


Still Delirious.

Dear Norwalk Virus, I totally just kicked your ass.

yes, it has been a fun few days for the bandit. When presented with the overwhelming task of dealing with the virus I did not believe in previously, I suggest eating honey-crisp apples very slowly. By slowly, I mean eating one over the course of a day. It is true. I am an eater, a big eater as many know. Others eat nothing during their Norwalk visit. I eat apples.

8 December 2006


I have been slowly losing the use of my extensions. My fingers, my toes, up to my arms and my legs. They just go numb, I have been losing strength in them as well. My vision is turning into a fish eye lens, you know the kind that every skate photo is taken with.

I went to the doctor, because my arms have been turning to mush more aggressively these days, I figured it was a pinched nerve. I told my doctor of the ailments and she told me I would have to wear a cloth neck collar while I slept. I laughed and told her of my Nana, and we both laughed at the hilarity of it all. Something was wrong with my neck. hahahahaha.

"So, I guess that explains the lose of sensation in my feet as well?"

Her smile dropped immediately, she stumbled and stretched her mouth out again. My doctor turned away from me and started arranging things on her desk.

"We can get through this, we can totally deal with this." she never looked at me once.
"We have to get you in to the neurologist. Uhm, okay, go for some blood work and then we will make the appointment. Wait, no, we have to make the appointment right away. This is fine."

My doctor panicked.
My doctor panicked, and then she asked me how old I was, and then she told me it was probably a vitamin deficiency, and that I should not worry.

How am I not supposed to worry?

Have you ever seen your doctor panic over your symptoms? It totally sucks.

5 December 2006

Carrot Top scares the crap out of me.


My days have been made by the following bit of news that I am sure at least one of you is going to appreciate. Twitch City is now available on DVD. Yes it is. I already have my copy. So lovely.