15 December 2006

OOOhhhhhhh, two posts in one day....

I got the results from my blood work today. I was hoping for a vitamin deficiency. I even thought it was a good omen when someone I knew came out of my doctor's office, having just had her B12 shot.

Good news bad/bad news scenario. There is nothing wrong with any of my organs, I am not vitiam deficient, so it is probably all in my head. Which is the bad news. I probably have something firing wrong inside my brain, which means I have to go for MRI's, CTScans, and all that jazz. There are soooo many ways in which that sucks.

But this whining and dining my irrational fears is not what this entry is about.

After leaving the doctor's office, I felt really low. I needed a night to myself. I needed relief.

I needed to get drunk.

Only I don't drink alcohol, so, I needed to get drunk on food.

I went shopping for junk food.

This is where is gets ridiculous. You know what I bought?

Two cans of Organic Carbonated Juice, naturally sweetened, and two grapefruits.


I tried really hard to buy some crap, but nothing appealed to me.

I was even more depressed at my recent failure, so, I forced myself to go out and buy myself a soda pop.

591 ML of Dr. Pepper.

It is going to be magic.



nico said...

Woah friend. That's so intense.

I understand the failure to buy junk food. It happens. I usually want it even more when I get home from the store. Woops.

I hope your irrational fears find something better to do, cuz they sure can be pesky.

recess bandit said...

heya Nico, it is true, once I got home I totally came up with a list of junk food items.

As far as being preoccupied, I have many cat sitting gigs, and some photo stuff to organize.

Hope you are well!

tifilis said...

hey dude, I didn't realize you were off the sauce completely. That's amazing! Do you still think about coming out here ever? It did wonders for my head...