29 December 2006

Emotional States.

I keep telling myself that I will not get emotional and sucked into Battlestar Galactica, but it just keeps happening again and again. I am holding my breath during battles and rescue missions. I am getting misty eyed over the drama and touching speeches. I really, really want to know who the other five are. I am shouting to characters on my screen. It is truly ridiculous.

Things are good. The Jesus Season is almost over. This one was my best one yet.

I also received advice regarding my medical condition to see a chiropractor. Get adjusted. I have been trying to find a chiropractor in this city for a few weeks now. I miss getting snapped and popped.

I got nothing else. Not really.


tifilis said...

dude, I am going through the exact same Battlestar obsession right now. It is really intense. I love it though.
miss you.

nico said...

I want to see this show. It sounds so damn good, everyone loves it.

I love the light through that curtain.

recess bandit said...

The show is so fraking fantastic it is dangerous. So good. Tifilis, I miss you as well. Nico, I love the light through the curtain as well. It makes it really hard to get out of bed though.

nico said...

This blog thing is hard. I have to remember to come back and check if you left a response. What if I don't remember! ACK!! Anyways, I did start watching BSG, but then school started. So I've seen season 1. It IS amazing.

recess bandit said...

it is hard to remember....i wish there was a way to respond to folks and have them receive notification. BSG is addictive.