22 March 2006

The Good Old Days.

Yes, I remember a time when my household had oil to keep us warm. Now we just have our parkas. One would think we had learned our lesson the last time.

truly cold,
the recess bandit.

21 March 2006

Dear Kidlings,

I have time for a very quick update, then the internet goes off for seven days! I am about to go into a very busy time period and need to conserve my eyes for school related computer time. So, a quick and boring post before I go.
1) I am focusing on school again. A friend has promised me a hat and a party if I graduate.
2) Numbering the list makes me feel strange, so I will stop.

I have a new addiction. Propeller Ginger Beer. I thought my insomnia had come back, but I think it is due to drinking one or two or these delicious and refreshing soda pops after midnight. Lesson learned, moving on.
I just received the full series of Strangers With Candy. I am doing everything in my power not to watch it rather than doing my school work. Some of my computer chat time is being cut drastically to make time for the show.
I quit smoking, again. I did not really start back up full time, just when drinking. This became a problem when I would drink just so I could smoke.
Speaking of smoking, I think the feeling in my tongue may be coming back! I can feel a dull pain on a small section in the front. Positive: I will be able to taste things fully again, including melon. For some reason the melon tastebud was knocked out. However, I can still taste my merry melon roll-on shiner.

I have started compiling information for a couple of documentaries. I want to make better use of equipment at my disposal.

I need to go edit now. So, a creepy picture of one of my kats to tie you over until I get back. Who knows, I may grace you with some mad ramblings mid-shoot.

the recess bandit.

18 March 2006

How I Spent my Spring Break.

The first thing I did for my spring break was turn the heat wayyyy up in my now tropical apartment. I then proceeded to crank up the rocking tunes, braid and bead my hair, consume copious amounts of crappy beer and run around the house flashing and yelling "wwhoooooooo" at anyone that walked by. It was fantastic.

I had more, but Blogger is not uploading my images.

till next time suckers,
the recess bandit.

10 March 2006

I can admit that I am an emotion person. It is something that I have come to terms with, sort of. I can even admit to having bouts of sadness, okay, depression, every now and again. The usual bouts only last a few day, and nobody can tell because I don't stop laughing during the whole thing. Yes, my cackle. If you have been in the same room as me, you know what I am talking abut. But things are getting ridiculous these days. I don't really have much to complain about, my life is going well. I am back into school, friends are in from out of town, I'm on spring break, which means I will be constantly flashing and yelling. Such a lovely boy-o-boy, goodness gracious, such fun.

I should be gleeful. Overwhelmed with good cheer. The thing that is really going on? The world seems so sad to me right now. I look around and everyone's face makes me want to cry. Things that I found hysterical before are just lonely and depressing now. It is weird, it is creepy, it is not a bowl of cherries. I think somewhere along the way, through one of life's many obstacles, my heart got snagged and tore. SEE! Do you see what I mean! Bullshit like that is coming out of my mouth/fingers. It is disturbing. I do not want to be this sad and morbid. I find it boring, I want to punch myself in the eye, I want to push my own face in a puddle. I want out.

I was daydreaming the other day that I would get kicked out of school. I had planned to just disappear. The fantasy became so intense that I even started packing my bag and finding a home for my kats. I can tell spring is coming because I have no desire to be standing still anymore.

the recess bandit.

4 March 2006

Settle in, this one's a long one.

Here's a funny story:
I have been trying to attend school everyday. Things are going well, I'm on time, my homework is done, getting along with classmates. I was pretty pleased with myself. I even turned down invitations so I could stay in and do homework. So, Thursday rolls around, I am almost in the clear. I check the bus schedule, grab my gear and run down the street, just in case the bus comes early. It does not. It was, in fact, half an hour late...which is officially a no show. I am starting to panic at this point. My bike is already downtown and I have too much gear to walk at any reasonable pace. I take a couple of deep breathes, try to will the bus to appear. The bus does not, but some young kid does. Well, a teenager, to be fair. Now, this kid is standing near me, smoking and spitting, cursing under her breathe. I am highly amused as it reminds me of myself at fourteen. Punk as fudge. As I snicker to myself, I look down so to not put her off, thinking I am laughing at her (insert bad teen memories here), I look down just in time to see her gob land on my pant leg. My mouth drops. There is now spit on my leg. I take another deep breathe, saying to myself, this has to have been an accident, turn around and walk home. Attendance record ruined.

Here's another funny story:
The bathroom sink has gotten clogged. All three of us who live in this household have dropped an item down the drain. Housemate number one dropped a chapstick. Housemate number two dropped a contact case lid. Housemate number me a.k.a master and commander, dropped my tooth. The drain hit it's full capacity the day after our landlady left for the middle east for two months. We now brush our teeth in the shower.

What makes this all better? Tonite, after a grueling day of dealing with full on arrogance of the mid-twenties male kind, I found a free, working, fancy espresso maker. Someone left it on the sidewalk marked: free/working. Yes. So fantastic. Coffee dates at my house!

the recess bandit.

1 March 2006

Robot Love

I cannot believe how much I am
a) in love with this.
b) envious that I did not create it myself.

c-c-c-check it out.

the recess bandit.