21 March 2006

Dear Kidlings,

I have time for a very quick update, then the internet goes off for seven days! I am about to go into a very busy time period and need to conserve my eyes for school related computer time. So, a quick and boring post before I go.
1) I am focusing on school again. A friend has promised me a hat and a party if I graduate.
2) Numbering the list makes me feel strange, so I will stop.

I have a new addiction. Propeller Ginger Beer. I thought my insomnia had come back, but I think it is due to drinking one or two or these delicious and refreshing soda pops after midnight. Lesson learned, moving on.
I just received the full series of Strangers With Candy. I am doing everything in my power not to watch it rather than doing my school work. Some of my computer chat time is being cut drastically to make time for the show.
I quit smoking, again. I did not really start back up full time, just when drinking. This became a problem when I would drink just so I could smoke.
Speaking of smoking, I think the feeling in my tongue may be coming back! I can feel a dull pain on a small section in the front. Positive: I will be able to taste things fully again, including melon. For some reason the melon tastebud was knocked out. However, I can still taste my merry melon roll-on shiner.

I have started compiling information for a couple of documentaries. I want to make better use of equipment at my disposal.

I need to go edit now. So, a creepy picture of one of my kats to tie you over until I get back. Who knows, I may grace you with some mad ramblings mid-shoot.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

honey that is creepy!
When you need a break I'll be ready with my suchi roller and nori.
If you need some inspiration let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oh and um-my kitty decided to play this game where he pts my bobby pins down the drain-did you say you could show me how to get out the 20 that are stuck in the trap?

recess bandit said...

Hey M, I am all handied up right now. he class is building sets for the next shoot. I used the power drill to put together some flats! So, I will put on my safety googles and scoot down to your place to fix the pipes. Sushi sounds fantastic right now. All I have eaten today is coffee. Call me after work.