28 January 2008

dragging my heels, then turning them.

i am procrastinating. i should not be, i have way too much work to do, but my body feels shut down.

i procrastinated so much earlier, i taught myself how to knit socks! it is true. they are pictured above. at least it was productive, now i just stare into space, feeling on the edge of an overwhelming panic attack.

i am just a few days away from finishing my film. i think i am going to call it ReGen. but maybe not. i have to see it first, but i also have to shot the title cards before processing and contact printing. such a catch, having to name the film before seeing it.

i am nervous about finishing the film, what if i hate it? i have spend so much time and energy on this thing.

a rough estimate? 70 hours so far, of physically working on the film. countless hours worrying, sleep working, and fretting over details that nobody will notice.

i still have about 30 hours left of physical work.

the film is 1 min 13 seconds.

my guts hurt.

well, i have to go cut out letters from tinfoil for my credits. i am amazed how hard it is to cut tinfoil letters. i may just break and by some letters from somewhere.

26 January 2008


lets' see if we can get this party started again.

some things noteworthy.

things have been going so well lately. I am facilitating FAB (film-making for absolute beginners) as well as one of three instructors. It is a youth outreach program. I set up workshops with youths to make a Super8 film. I am getting paid to teach film.....uhm, i am getting paid to teach film classes. so bizarre. so exciting, seeing as i am a college dropout and all.

i also taught an animation workshop. whose got mad skillz?!?!?!

i am also making a film right now. it is almost done. i have to keep telling myself that...i am almost done.....
i have learned so much with this film. did i mention it is hand made? meaning i have hand processed, hand scratched sound, even doing contact print on steenbeck.

it is all very exciting.

i also started washing my sinus'.

till then,