31 January 2007

practising hermit.

on the road to loserberg.

i am so giddy about my new place i never want to leave it. so, i don't.

well, i do. i went to lunnenberg today. that was fun.

still no phone and i am kinda enjoying that. i may forgo the phone forever. i have a bike, two legs, internet. what do i need a stinking phone for?

so, funny moving story.

i fell out of the back of the u-haul. it was about a four foot drop. i went from a standing position to landing face/head first on rusty fence and frozen ground. the large bin of bedding i was carrying did not touch the ground once. my killer instincts kicked in to protect the tupperware container full of duvets and sheets. i shielded them with my body. how fantastic is that?


i need help with the colour scheme for my kitchen. the budget is non-existent now, but i can be resourceful if need be. if you are interested in putting in your three cents (i like the wage increase) and help me pick a color, drop me a line. or just drop in.

i am too high on paint fumes to continue.

20 January 2007

Dear Airstream,

I like you very much. Now that you have re-designed the Bambi trailer, I am the happiest kid on the block. It almost makes me want to get a job! No trailer has ever done that for me before. Thank you.

15 January 2007

heaving boxes.

i am moving. i finally found an apartment on my own. i have decided to stick with hali for just under a year as there may be decent work for me in the near future. my new apartment is huge, and i have a small studio space.

and, i can do four chin-ups in a row, take a 2 minute break and do three more. i am so strong. i would totally date me.

the recess bandit.

p.s. some photos of the new bachelor pad. i am painting the place tomorrow cause it looks like ass currently.


living room

and there is a huge bedroom, and stairs with a banister, and a tiny studio. but the studio is 7.5 feet by 7.5 feet, so i guess it isn't that small, really.

2 January 2007

Solar Tube Skylights.

This just made my year. Brilliant.