15 January 2007

heaving boxes.

i am moving. i finally found an apartment on my own. i have decided to stick with hali for just under a year as there may be decent work for me in the near future. my new apartment is huge, and i have a small studio space.

and, i can do four chin-ups in a row, take a 2 minute break and do three more. i am so strong. i would totally date me.

the recess bandit.

p.s. some photos of the new bachelor pad. i am painting the place tomorrow cause it looks like ass currently.


living room

and there is a huge bedroom, and stairs with a banister, and a tiny studio. but the studio is 7.5 feet by 7.5 feet, so i guess it isn't that small, really.


tifilis said...

sweet pad dude, where is it?
and most importantly...which colours are you going ot use?

nico said...

That's awesome. And awesomer that you'll be painting it.

Anonymous said...

I'll help you painteroo-Msa

recess bandit said...

thank you, each and every one of you. i am putting so much work into it my body is breaking. MSA, help with the painteroo would be lovely. give me a call. i will be hanging out there this evening, but i only have one roller handle. do you have one i could borrow for dropper-ins with good intentions?

Michael said...

Pink! Pink! Paint it all Pink! And green and purple and orange! Ummm, you need me to do your interior design. You know it makes sense.

I hate this for not letting me use the font colour HTML tags so just to be a pain, I am going to anyway. I'll be damned if this thing will beat me!

[font color="#CC0099"]Pink! Pink![/font] Paint it all [font color="#CC0099"]Pink![/font]
And [font color="#339900"]green[/font] and [font color="#660066"]purple[/font] and [font color="#ff6600"]orange![/font] Ummm, you need me to do your interior design. You know it makes sense.

recess bandit said...

i almost did paint it all green and orange. then i puked in my mouth and decided to go gold. yeah, that's effing right, gold.