29 April 2006

Gotta Sing?!? Gotta Dance?!?

So, you wanna be in pictures? I am shooting a musical. I need singers and dancers for a six minute parody musical. You do not need to be a good singer or dancer, just be willing to look like you are enjoying yourself. We shoot on the week of May 15th. If you live in Halifax and are interested, please e-mail me though this blog thing. This is a school project and will only involve one day of shooting, probably. And, the cast just may get some pizza. How could you resist?

a musical recess bandit.

24 April 2006

More sentimental Crap.

I think about this world a lot and I cry
And I’ve seen the films and the eyes
But I’m in this kitchen
Everything is beautiful
And she is so beautiful
She is so young and old
I look at her and I see the beauty
Of the light of music
The voices talking somewhere in the house
Late spring and you’re drifting off to sleep
With your teeth in your mouth
You are here with me
You are here with me
You have been here and you are everything


How could you not love this man? I saw R.E.M. perform when I was fourteen. I was full of teen angst and brimming with hormones. Micheal Stipe made an auditorium cry unision. I repeat, how could you not love him?

Yes, I am getting sappy. But it is with good reason. The resent courtship is taking a sharp turn for the best. Lovely lovely days. I writting a musical for goodness sakes. There is no escaping pure bliss when writting a musical.

with a skip to my step,
and a song in my cold, cold heart,
the recess bandit.

20 April 2006

An open letter to Michael Jackson.

Dear Michael Jackson,
What the frack happened to you. When I was a young, impressionable youth I loved you very much. I bought your lps, I had the glove and the sparkle socks, I even had the red Beat It jacket. You were a very handsome and talented young man. Now, I cannot believe you look and act the way that you do.

As part of some research for a short film, I have been watching your old music videos. They are amazing. I felt nostalgic for the old you, the one I had no embarrassment about dressing like. Was the fame really too much? Did you burn up when getting too close to the sun?

I spent many hours in my basement trying to emulate your dance moves, sweating away hours of my precious youth. I wore my love for you very proudly:

The glasses say it all.

the recess bandit.

16 April 2006

You're Just Somebody That I Used to Know.

Elliott Smith.

If I ever plan to get anything done, I need to give this man up. I have three treatments to write, a zine to compile and design, and a room to clean. But all I can do is listen to Elliott Smith with hints of Billy Bragg thrown in for good measure. I may never make it out of my room ever again.

the recess bandit.

And stay off my porch.

13 April 2006

Sucked Right Back in.






Lust:Very High


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Thank you very much Tifilis, for sucking me back into quiz world. I will get you back for this...one day.

the sissiest of recess bandits.

The American Cracker.

I just love this comic. In fact, I love must of the comics of Steven L. Cloud that I have seen.

Boy on a Stick and Slither.

the recess bandit.

6 April 2006

So Many Useless Skills.

In an attempt to get a decent paying job/(gasp) career, I am learning the insides and outs of the basic computer programs. This fantastic piece was pieced together using photoshop. I also did two stop-motion animations and one time-lapsed video today. I have discovered a new program that my mother is going to buy me. That's right, the recess bandit is going legit and I have a mother.

the recess bandit.

5 April 2006

I had an 8:30 class this morning, and instead of the usual bicycle ride to school, I put my lazy ass on the public transit. Boy oh boy am I ever glad I did. Two things of note:
1) The bra-less lady was on the bus this morning. She was wearing a banana-clip. That is sooooo me in 3 years.
2) There were two women on the bus that talked about television the entire bus ride. Not just what they watched, but the channels they watched and satellite versus the other. Whatever the other is.

And this post in itself has taught me a lesson as well. While trying to find a fantastic image of a banana-clip I stumbling upon a fantastic discovery. Sometimes, banana-clips come with hair already attached! I shit you not.

My question: why the shit am I trying to grow out my hair when I can just attach a long mane?

the recess bandit.

4 April 2006

My Walkman has no Batteries.

Walking home from school today, I was privy to some interesting conversation. Three people, two females, one male, walking down the street towards me. The older women is saying".....so I told him that I do not wear a bra. I got nothing to put in it!". To which she cackled as if it was her best line. The kind of dry, raspy, wheezy cackle that a middle aged, heaving smoking woman can achieve.

I have decided to leave the walkman at home more often.

Coming Soon: Guest Bloggers!!!!! -or- I am getting super lazy.

the sissiest recess bandit around.