16 April 2006

You're Just Somebody That I Used to Know.

Elliott Smith.

If I ever plan to get anything done, I need to give this man up. I have three treatments to write, a zine to compile and design, and a room to clean. But all I can do is listen to Elliott Smith with hints of Billy Bragg thrown in for good measure. I may never make it out of my room ever again.

the recess bandit.

And stay off my porch.


tifilis said...

I know the feeling dude, wallowing can be so sweet sometimes. Never very productive though. I totally want to see the zine when it's finished. I added some new stuff to my site too. Hot bike girls, yessssss!

Anonymous said...

but I love you.....you should want to like me.

Anonymous said...

you should write a treatment about a person who likes elliot smith, and then clones their dead wife.