5 April 2006

I had an 8:30 class this morning, and instead of the usual bicycle ride to school, I put my lazy ass on the public transit. Boy oh boy am I ever glad I did. Two things of note:
1) The bra-less lady was on the bus this morning. She was wearing a banana-clip. That is sooooo me in 3 years.
2) There were two women on the bus that talked about television the entire bus ride. Not just what they watched, but the channels they watched and satellite versus the other. Whatever the other is.

And this post in itself has taught me a lesson as well. While trying to find a fantastic image of a banana-clip I stumbling upon a fantastic discovery. Sometimes, banana-clips come with hair already attached! I shit you not.

My question: why the shit am I trying to grow out my hair when I can just attach a long mane?

the recess bandit.


Camel said...

I heard about those things on oprah. aparently they are called weaves. If you remember that episode of Fresh Prince where Will and his GF get stuck in the basement, she starts to remove things like her fake nails and her WEAVE, resulting in much hilarity.

recess bandit said...

On Oprah? Camel, you are such a gaylord.