25 May 2006

What Can I Say?

The world is consistently pushing black crotched dresses on me. What gives? Is the power of the crochet too strong?

19 May 2006


E-mails from my friends make me never want to leave this town.

17 May 2006

Can you bottle stupidity?

In having to deal with situations the past few days, a voice in my head has been screaming the following at certain individuals.

I am totally going to marry White Ninja someday.

the recess bandit.

11 May 2006

Lovely Legs.

Which famous poet is the Recess Bandit?

Charles Bukowski!
You scored 41 Demeanour, 81 Debauchery, 37 Traditionalism, and 70 Expression!
You are a drunk and a grump. You hate everything. Hating things makes you happy. Being happy makes you miserable. Being miserable makes you hate things. You don't mind telling anyone and everyone what you think about everyone and everything. Your masterpiece is "Love is a Dog from Hell", but you don't care.

Link: The Which Famous Poet Are You Test

the Recess Bandit.

7 May 2006

Paging Dr. Obnoxious......

I once convinced someone that I was a doctor by running around a party yelling "get this girl some cake, STAT!!!".

Thank you again White Ninja.

the bandit of your heart.

Now get back to work bitches!!!!!