25 May 2006

What Can I Say?

The world is consistently pushing black crotched dresses on me. What gives? Is the power of the crochet too strong?


Anonymous said...

That is a nice one...almost as ni
ce as mine. Maybe it time to try one out. Maybe the universe is telling you that you would really look wounderful in a black crochet dress...or that you need to make one yourself?!?
I hope you are well and I miss you.

recess bandit said...

Hey Lady, why don't you e-mail me back? Check your hotmail.

Anonymous said...

oooh.Have fun far far away.
You can handle it.

tifilis said...

hey bandit,

Where are you? I hope the musical gods haven't stolen you forever!

Anonymous said...

hey Tifilis, no, the musical gods have not taken me, unfortunaetly. I am in Ontario, living it up, wearing coulottes, and having affairs in hotels on the government's dime. Not much computer access and no memory of my passcodes. Soon babydoll, soon.

the bandit.