13 June 2006

Back Just in Time.

Back in my apartment, back in my chair, back in front of Gort, with my kats circling my ankles. It almost feels as if I was not gone at all. I went visiting for almost three full weeks. I took up smoking again. Family can do that for you. I almost wish I had a heroin habit or something.

the recess bandit.


tifilis said...


recess bandit said...

you like that eh? you should see me and my pony picture.

Indecisive said...

Ha. You think staying with family causes recidivism of nasty habits. Try being the host of said family. At least you get the relief knowing you have a place away from family that remains untainted.
Oh yes, I am back like a bad smell. A smell not to different from that emitting from 18 dogs

recess bandit said...

hahaha. So, you have found me. I had a dream this had happened. I almost wrote about Patty regurgitating on you, but I did not want to embarrass you.