15 June 2006

You Can Never Go Home Again?

Some highlights from my trip to visit family members.

1) Hanging out with my mom's pet llama, Murray. Pictures to follow in a day or two.
2) Shaving my legs for the first time in seven years to appease family members, my head hair was not up to par though.
3) Discovering that I was once an Olympic hopeful for competitive swimming. hahaha.
4) Sleeping with the smells and sounds of 18 very large dogs wafting by my head.
5) Having Patty, the parrot, scream "shut-up" at me repetitively.
6) Hanging out at the Yacht Club, listening to folks talk about how the "terrorists" deserve to die slow and painful deaths.
7) Simply hanging out at the Yacht Club, hung over, with freshly shaven legs.
8) Getting my arm jammed between the banister and a 700 pound fire proof filing cabinet.
9) Eating at a restaurant where each table has it's very own television. No need for idle chatter anymore.
10) No internet access.

All in all it was a lovely trip. I am brusied, battered, and sunburnt. I do have a newly installed kat door now though.

the recess bandit.

p.s. i missed each and everyone of you.


DirtyMaggie said...

dearest Smelliot,

So good to have you back. It is a lovely Friday afternoon. Tara and I will shortly be having beer in the sun on her stoop. If you get this message please do stop by, it would be great to see you. If I can find your # I'll give a call.


recess bandit said...

hey dirty maggie, it was a lovely friday afternoon. i wish i had recieved your message in time. i no longer have any phone numbers as my phone book was washed. talk to you soon.