29 June 2006

Thanks for the Ride Lady....

So, which one of you lovelies wants to take me to Fredericton? I am a joy to travel with as I am witty and can also sit in silence. I can also pitch in for gas and help with coffee fixings. E-mail me or call me if you, or someone you know, is going to Fredericton for a week-end, or week, or whatever. Interesting fact: Fredericton has almost the same population as survivors on the Battlestar Gallatica.

the recess bandit.

26 June 2006

Small Town Wonderment.

I find this very hard to believe.


25 June 2006


While watching this video, I laughed hysterically, only to feel an immense amount of guilt afterwards. This was later stifled by my laughter yet again. The hilarity of this video confirms that I am not a nice person.
This is a clip from a show entitled Wonder Showzen. Enjoy.

the recess bandit.

24 June 2006

Lazy as Fudge.

I believe myself to be at my best these days, in that "things are going well" sort of way. Other than the lack of bill payments that is. The Main Squeeze came to visit bearing gifts for me....comic books. How could I not raise my hand to my forehead and swoon? I am shedding the excessiveness that I picked up during school. Things are falling into place. Whoosh.

So, I promised you kids some photos, and I intend to deliver. Here ya go.

Murray the Llama.

Baxter the Dog.

Kieran the Suck.

That is all.

'till next time,
the recess bandit.

22 June 2006

Wishing and Hoping.

I wonder if it is worth systematically losing good friends due to his inability to act like a human. If you can actually feel him removing all of your spark, sucking you dry.

I only wish you the best.

the recess bandit.

18 June 2006

A New Kid on the Block.

So, she's all grown up now and has her very own blog. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. Indecisive.

Very nicely done.

the recess bandit.

17 June 2006

I just realized that my previous post had no useful information in it. The show is from 2pm-6pm on Saturday (*this day). It will be up for 3 weeks I believe, but today is the opening.

till next time,

16 June 2006

Come One,

Come All. To the greatest show of all. Couldn't you tell that is where it was going?

And, yes, the Bandit does have work in the show. Yipps.

the recess bandit.

15 June 2006

You Can Never Go Home Again?

Some highlights from my trip to visit family members.

1) Hanging out with my mom's pet llama, Murray. Pictures to follow in a day or two.
2) Shaving my legs for the first time in seven years to appease family members, my head hair was not up to par though.
3) Discovering that I was once an Olympic hopeful for competitive swimming. hahaha.
4) Sleeping with the smells and sounds of 18 very large dogs wafting by my head.
5) Having Patty, the parrot, scream "shut-up" at me repetitively.
6) Hanging out at the Yacht Club, listening to folks talk about how the "terrorists" deserve to die slow and painful deaths.
7) Simply hanging out at the Yacht Club, hung over, with freshly shaven legs.
8) Getting my arm jammed between the banister and a 700 pound fire proof filing cabinet.
9) Eating at a restaurant where each table has it's very own television. No need for idle chatter anymore.
10) No internet access.

All in all it was a lovely trip. I am brusied, battered, and sunburnt. I do have a newly installed kat door now though.

the recess bandit.

p.s. i missed each and everyone of you.

13 June 2006

Back Just in Time.

Back in my apartment, back in my chair, back in front of Gort, with my kats circling my ankles. It almost feels as if I was not gone at all. I went visiting for almost three full weeks. I took up smoking again. Family can do that for you. I almost wish I had a heroin habit or something.

the recess bandit.