21 September 2007

As my 34th birthday rapidly approaches, I am considering what it takes to be considered a successful adult in the eyes of the general public. A career, a family of your choice, a decent place to call your own.

None of these things apply to me.

I have been thinking about what it would take to rectify the situation. To purchase a dwelling. you kind of need money, which you kind of need to be working a lot to get. I have recently taken part in career assessment workshops, so it may still be a while for that to come about.

With that taken care of, I thought about getting hitched and what it would take to convince me that that is a good thing. The only way I would want to get married is for the First Dance together as a legally bound team to be of my liking. So far, I would consider getting married to dance to these songs:

1) The Marriage by Billy Bragg (lyrics)
2) Wishing the Days Away by Billy Bragg (lyrics)
3) Oh Sherry by Steve Perry, providing I marry someone named Sherry, which I would. (video), but one, or both of us, would HAVE to wear skin tight, high waisted jeans.


i just marry the shoes I have fallen in love with:

Drink in the Magic.

till next time.

9 September 2007

ever get that lazy "things are fantastic" feeling?

Eugene-the laziest genius in the world.

some of the best days are here.

i went to an amazing wedding.

i start my tumbling and trampoline class on tuesday.

i have some of the greatest friends ever.

i am making a film, for free.


5 September 2007

i am finally getting this morning thing down pat.

i am starting to feel so much better. eating well, resting, so accidentally straight edge it is kind of hilarious.