21 June 2007

Ruthie Take a Shower

I smell Like a Flower.

or, rather an alcohol steeped hippy.

a friend gave me the remnants of a spray on deodorizer that consists of sage and alcohol. the stuff is like a miracle.
i have decided to wane a touch on the "no products" rule as I drink a lot of coffee, ride a bicycle every where and forget to shower quite frequently. being in an teeny tiny editing suite with various folks at various times, i have decided to be nice and not be so stinky.

now, isn't that nice of me?

16 June 2007


Diana Moon enjoying the fluffy backyard.

I was gardening yesterday, an I found a loonie poking up from the soil. And, I have big fat strawberries growing. I think the only thing keeping me in this town is my fantastic apartment with a lovely backyard.

13 June 2007


Late night shenanigans again.
I discover a thing called Face Transformer, haveing exhausted the fun in MyHeritage, I decided to give it a whirl.

It wasn't as fun as the celebrity match up that myheritage offered, but the results are humorous in that "squished worm on the bottom of your shoe" kinda way.

the original:

As a baby, with a bow-tie of course:

As an old fella, or maybe it was as an ape, the similarities were astounding:

What was labeled as "West Asian":

And, my personal favorite, as Caucasian:

I love the ghost like ear shapes on all of them. Kinda makes me feel ear deficient.

8 June 2007

http://www.glittermakercodes.com/ - Glitter Graphics
Glitter Graphics

today was so amazing.

I went for a three hour trail bike ride with friends, the view was lovely,we ate popsicles by the lake.

I came home and had a coffee float! So fantastic.

Went for a swim, well, a dunk really.
Went to a barbecue, were i was charming and hilarious, as per usual.

Then off to the DARTMOUTH CARNIVAL!!

I love love love the rides so much. Started with the Scrambler. Finished off with the zipper! Crap does that ride seem dangerously creaky.

This whole summertime business in Halifax is wonderful. I forgot how much I love it here during this time.

6 June 2007

We'll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy sky

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. My room was so fantastically cold.

Dragged my self up, thanks in part to the cats hiding in various locations and mewing loudly and ear-piercingly.

First thing, I biked down Bayers Road without incident. Every time I travel down this one particular downhill stretch, a van or truck clips me. This time, I took up the entire lane. Worked like a charm.

Had a breakthrough in therapy. Lovely.

Stopped off at the Dollar Store and picked up supplies for my cat food making operation, putting me into Fully-Functional-Mode.

Rode home slowly because it is such a lovely day.

Stopped at the Steve-o-Reno's coffee shack and got a large Cafe Mocha, with soy milk, hold the whipped cream. The coffee so so effing good, I stopped in my tracks and weeped for a brief second.

And it is only one in the afternoon.

Crap do I love this non-smoking business.

I am totally going to go rock it like it's hot.

and prepare for the crushing pain and sorrow over the non-smoking thing that will hit me in the early evening.

so be it.

5 June 2007

I'll shake forever and I'll never care

i feel like breaking my own ribs, just to see if it really hurts.

i almost jumped into traffic to see if the cars would stop.

i jumped up to see if i could reach the rim of a basketball net.

i have had to put my bike away for fear of spacing out and drifting into traffic.

i break into a run sporadically.

i half collapsed because my legs forgot to move.

i took six photos of that fly.

i am half crazy, half paranoid, half asleep and one hell of a mathematician!

i have quit smoking and it hurts.

now go away you dirty bird, and allow me to pace in peace.