13 June 2007


Late night shenanigans again.
I discover a thing called Face Transformer, haveing exhausted the fun in MyHeritage, I decided to give it a whirl.

It wasn't as fun as the celebrity match up that myheritage offered, but the results are humorous in that "squished worm on the bottom of your shoe" kinda way.

the original:

As a baby, with a bow-tie of course:

As an old fella, or maybe it was as an ape, the similarities were astounding:

What was labeled as "West Asian":

And, my personal favorite, as Caucasian:

I love the ghost like ear shapes on all of them. Kinda makes me feel ear deficient.


tifilis said...

dude, that shit is creepy as hell...

recess bandit said...

i know. pretty fantastically creepy.

Michael said...

No no, trust me, as someone who generally thinks you look pretty good.. These are not in the slightest attractive - I will have nightmares now!

recess bandit said...

aw, come on. the old monkey on is pretty attractive.