6 June 2007

We'll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy sky

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. My room was so fantastically cold.

Dragged my self up, thanks in part to the cats hiding in various locations and mewing loudly and ear-piercingly.

First thing, I biked down Bayers Road without incident. Every time I travel down this one particular downhill stretch, a van or truck clips me. This time, I took up the entire lane. Worked like a charm.

Had a breakthrough in therapy. Lovely.

Stopped off at the Dollar Store and picked up supplies for my cat food making operation, putting me into Fully-Functional-Mode.

Rode home slowly because it is such a lovely day.

Stopped at the Steve-o-Reno's coffee shack and got a large Cafe Mocha, with soy milk, hold the whipped cream. The coffee so so effing good, I stopped in my tracks and weeped for a brief second.

And it is only one in the afternoon.

Crap do I love this non-smoking business.

I am totally going to go rock it like it's hot.

and prepare for the crushing pain and sorrow over the non-smoking thing that will hit me in the early evening.

so be it.

1 comment:

nico said...

Taking up the lane is where it's at. When you act like a car, they see you.

PS: I love reading your posts. I just caught back up.