8 June 2007

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today was so amazing.

I went for a three hour trail bike ride with friends, the view was lovely,we ate popsicles by the lake.

I came home and had a coffee float! So fantastic.

Went for a swim, well, a dunk really.
Went to a barbecue, were i was charming and hilarious, as per usual.

Then off to the DARTMOUTH CARNIVAL!!

I love love love the rides so much. Started with the Scrambler. Finished off with the zipper! Crap does that ride seem dangerously creaky.

This whole summertime business in Halifax is wonderful. I forgot how much I love it here during this time.


Michael said...


You didn't take me!

recess bandit said...

I sent you an invite! Did the carrier pigeon not make it in time?

Anonymous said...

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