26 December 2005

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Gwen Stefani

Trendsetting, unique, and stylish.

someone make me stop. please.
You Were a Coyote

Brutally honest, you encourage people to show their true selves.
You laugh at life - none of it can be taken too seriously.

25 December 2005

dear world,
my kats are all grown up and crazy.
the recess bandit.
i have just received season one of twin peaks. do i watch it tonite, while drunk? do i wait until tomorrow? i have to say, it is the best holiday gift a kid could receive.
the recess bandit.
in an attempt to just enjoy the time off of school this year, i set myself up with some activities to do. i have the house to myself, my housemates are off with family. i really wanted to stick around with the kats and walk around in just my legwarmers. my video camera came in just in the nick of time, my stills camera came in as well, and i accumulated a wack load of movies to watch. i even got myself a fantastic loaf of bread. so, why am i sleeping in my clothes every nite now? i wish i could say it is because i have been rip roaring drunk at a slew of parties every nite. heck, i even wish i could say that it is because all of my running around has left me bone tired. as far as i can figure, i just made some mistakes in my choice of plans.

holiday mistake number one? a constant stream of "kill me" music. ie) the postal service, the smiths, and yaz (sentimental old fool.)

mistake number two? watching the wrong movies. i read in someone else's blog thing (yes, i am a creep) that they watched palindromes recently. i had laughed because that is where i started my holiday movie watching this year. so upbeat. i also watched mysterious skin, and fritz lang's m. if you are not familiar with this films, it kinda boils down to this: i am an outcast and society hates me, and will let me know constantly. maybe i am just projecting.
mistake number three? in an attempt to redeem my mood, i found a bunch of horror movies to watch on my 20" monitor, which i can see from my fantastically comfortable bed. horror is my escapeisim technique. the problem with this? i wake up in my lovely sweaters. i slept in my pale pink wool cardigan with the brooch still attached. i have also been keeping a box of chocolates by my bed. there goes all the healthy living i just stacked my fridge with.
so, i think i will go back to old traditions today. i am begrudgingly going out to socialize. then i am just may go to gus' to finish off the nite. nothing says family like a ten penny down at gus'. any takers?

the recess bandit.
p.s. can you tell i just learned how to link?

24 December 2005

it's about time

well, there is the screen shot. there is no video though. something seems to be going wrong. i will work on it. perhaps it is a sign that the video should not be posted. i guess it could be considered offensive. i laughed hysterically the entire process. such fun. well, i guess that is all.
the recess bandit.

special shout out:
happy birthday baby jesus.

23 December 2005

This Fall, You Should Wear

A Punk Rock Bag

Your Inner Retro Girl Is

1950s Pinup


22 December 2005

no more titles.

apparently i write like a man.

did i tell you?

hey, did i tell you my face healed?


20 December 2005


You scored as punk. hey youre a punk...sweet











Are you a goth, punk, gangster, jock or a nerd??
created with QuizFarm.com

i have to admit, i get some guilty pleasure out of these ridiculous quizzes. i mean, its like, the quiz really gets me, you know. understands where i'm at.

the recess bandit.

19 December 2005

oh the change

so, it has been quite the time away hasn't it. i have been so humping busy that i have not had the time/energy/enthusiasm to post on this friging thing. my house is in chaos at the present time. we have one person moving out and another moving in. the halls are filled with boxes. the hot water tank shut down as well. oh the mundane existence. so, school is out for the holidays. i bought myself soy ice cream in the flavor of chocolate mint. it is effing fantastic. the funny thing is, and i eat a lot of natural foods, when i first opened the container, my initial thought was "why isn't it green?". my favorite thing about this holiday, i get the house to myself for 7-8 days. fantastical.
side note, the camera still hasn't arrived and i am beginning to think something strange is going on. i am going to do what ever i can to get some humping video uploaded soon.
another side note, i quite smoking and cursing. i find the cursing harder to do without.

the recess bandit.

5 December 2005


back again, trying to keep the momentum going. school has been crazy busy, so things are short of time. video to be uploaded in approx 5 days. oh, the anticipation is murdering me. the side photo is accessible from my house. this is why i live where i do.

the recess bandit

27 November 2005

brand new brain

holla post. i have been out doing my homework. my video camera should be here in 2 weeks tops, but i have managed to get some shooting done this weekend with the school's camera. soon as i have time to upload and edit, you folks will be treated with some fantastical footage of me, my kats, a drive for coffee, & maybe some other crap. i have to apologize in advance as i am not used to being able to shoot willy-nilly. everything that i have ever shot in video and especially in film (moving image not stills), has been methodically laid out. Hand held impromptu shooting makes me nervous. part of the reason that i am embarking on this thing is to get over this nervousness. anyway, an update. my mouth is getting better. i have finally finished the antibiotics and am on a daily dose of yoghurt. so, this time you lucky bucks get two photos. my kats. enjoy.
the recess bandit

21 November 2005

So much for consistency

Hello again. I am back again, procrastinating yet again. So, I thought the blog (soon to be vlog?) that nobody knows about should be told all about me. Well, that is not going to happen, cause that would be dull for all of us. If you really want the life story, you can just ask me, i will send you a personal copy. This story that I am going to tell you is all about my mouth.
So, I had my wisdom teeth removed three weeks ago. Two impacted bottom teeth. Fairly standard routine, went to the clinic, signed the release form, nothin' doing. Just like most people, I thought I would not be that 1 in 1000 that they tell you about. Turns out I am. This should make me feel pretty darn special, and i guess it does.
So, it turns out that the surgery went askew at some point, i really do not know when, i was out cold. The explanation that i have been given, quite unsympathetically, is that the doctors probably hit a nerve during the surgery. So, what does that mean?
Well, the first problem was that i got a serious infection, in my mouth. Pus. In my mouth. The most disgusting experience i have ever had. Pus, squirting down my throat. Sorry, but i really need to drive that point home.
Due to the seriousness of the infection, and my throat swelling, i was put on penicillin and antibiotics. This essentially made me lethargic, dizzy, and nauseous. Oh, and i had to wake up at 3 in the morning(still do), and take a pill and stay sitting up for at least 1 hour. This part of the process is still going on, and I am on my second round of antibiotics.
The major downfall of the whole thing though has been the damage done to my tongue. When they damage the nerve, it took out over half the feeling in my tongue. It feels as if it is asleep, well, actually, it feels as if is dead. I can poke it with a fork and not notice....i have accidentally done this. So, i cannot feel my tongue, and with this goes my taste buds, and most of my sense of smell. Eating is a chore now, i need to use my finger to move food around sometimes. Very attractive.
From the research i have done about this nerve damage, i now believe that i may get the feeling back some day. It may come back in a year, it may not ever come back. Nobody knows, apparently there is nothing i can do.
I went into this surgery as a fairly healthy person. I take good care of myself, except i smoked, but i ate really well. So, i do not think that has anything to do with it. Who knows, i cannot seem to get any answers. I am going to go to a naturopath to see if there is anything to be done with herbal remedies. I feel the need to tell this story in hopes that people will pay more attention, or something. I don't know, maybe i am just whining.
At least i don't smoke anymore.

the recess bandit.

16 November 2005

another test

Hello again. The funny thing about writting this is that nobody knows I am doing this yet. So, no readers. It seems so strange to be logging all of this boring crap to start getting used to this. What am I doing? I am procrastinating. I am suppossed to be writting a 3 minute in-camera edit script. What am I actually doing? Writting this. Well, maybe I should give this new post a picture to go along with the fantastic text. My camera should be here soon, then look out world wide web. till next time.
the recess bandit

15 November 2005


This is a picture I took. This thing is gonna be all up in your face with some videos soon...i just have to get my camera back at it. So, for now, you get stills. Kay, bye.

the recess bandit