21 November 2005

So much for consistency

Hello again. I am back again, procrastinating yet again. So, I thought the blog (soon to be vlog?) that nobody knows about should be told all about me. Well, that is not going to happen, cause that would be dull for all of us. If you really want the life story, you can just ask me, i will send you a personal copy. This story that I am going to tell you is all about my mouth.
So, I had my wisdom teeth removed three weeks ago. Two impacted bottom teeth. Fairly standard routine, went to the clinic, signed the release form, nothin' doing. Just like most people, I thought I would not be that 1 in 1000 that they tell you about. Turns out I am. This should make me feel pretty darn special, and i guess it does.
So, it turns out that the surgery went askew at some point, i really do not know when, i was out cold. The explanation that i have been given, quite unsympathetically, is that the doctors probably hit a nerve during the surgery. So, what does that mean?
Well, the first problem was that i got a serious infection, in my mouth. Pus. In my mouth. The most disgusting experience i have ever had. Pus, squirting down my throat. Sorry, but i really need to drive that point home.
Due to the seriousness of the infection, and my throat swelling, i was put on penicillin and antibiotics. This essentially made me lethargic, dizzy, and nauseous. Oh, and i had to wake up at 3 in the morning(still do), and take a pill and stay sitting up for at least 1 hour. This part of the process is still going on, and I am on my second round of antibiotics.
The major downfall of the whole thing though has been the damage done to my tongue. When they damage the nerve, it took out over half the feeling in my tongue. It feels as if it is asleep, well, actually, it feels as if is dead. I can poke it with a fork and not notice....i have accidentally done this. So, i cannot feel my tongue, and with this goes my taste buds, and most of my sense of smell. Eating is a chore now, i need to use my finger to move food around sometimes. Very attractive.
From the research i have done about this nerve damage, i now believe that i may get the feeling back some day. It may come back in a year, it may not ever come back. Nobody knows, apparently there is nothing i can do.
I went into this surgery as a fairly healthy person. I take good care of myself, except i smoked, but i ate really well. So, i do not think that has anything to do with it. Who knows, i cannot seem to get any answers. I am going to go to a naturopath to see if there is anything to be done with herbal remedies. I feel the need to tell this story in hopes that people will pay more attention, or something. I don't know, maybe i am just whining.
At least i don't smoke anymore.

the recess bandit.

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