27 November 2005

brand new brain

holla post. i have been out doing my homework. my video camera should be here in 2 weeks tops, but i have managed to get some shooting done this weekend with the school's camera. soon as i have time to upload and edit, you folks will be treated with some fantastical footage of me, my kats, a drive for coffee, & maybe some other crap. i have to apologize in advance as i am not used to being able to shoot willy-nilly. everything that i have ever shot in video and especially in film (moving image not stills), has been methodically laid out. Hand held impromptu shooting makes me nervous. part of the reason that i am embarking on this thing is to get over this nervousness. anyway, an update. my mouth is getting better. i have finally finished the antibiotics and am on a daily dose of yoghurt. so, this time you lucky bucks get two photos. my kats. enjoy.
the recess bandit

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