22 February 2007

i have decided to grow a moustache through sheer will power.

21 February 2007

Finally Snapped.

Something strange is going on.
I think I may have finally snapped, or, I am actually such a pure genius I have kept it under wraps from even my self up until now. Recently, I have started muttering to myself, well, I should clarify. I have always been a mutterer, rattling about town, grimacing and chatting to myself. It is just something I have learned to accept and not worry to much about. The problem is not the mutterings, rather the direction they are taking.

It seems as though I have started to solve math problems in my head. I catch myself going through these strange equations to which I haven't the slightest idea where the numbers came from. Seriously. It over took me one day, and I actually stopped dead on the street, trying to calculate as many decimals as possible for 14 into 333. I had arrived at these two numbers through a series of multiplying and dividing, but haven't any idea what, if anything, I was trying to solve.

The ridiculous thing about all of this, I am hopeless at math unless I use a calculator. I am a finger counter. It has always been a slight embarrassment, but I could never calculate in my head. I still can't, when I am fully conscious. But these Math Trances are different. My fingers stay in my pockets, I am solving the equations without their assistance.

I have gone through a ton of theories as to why these strange states are hitting me. My favorite one yet? Somehow I am connected to the Eye of Jupiter and that the fleet is tapping into me to chart their path home, to Earth. Worst case? It is the cylons that tapped in, and I am, in fact, one of the remaining five.

So, who wants to help me with the buckles on my straight jacket?


17 February 2007

coffee has turned on me. i have had 7 cups today and am still yawning like it is the end of the world.

15 February 2007

i will sleep out in the gutter.

may i, once again, re-direct your gaze elsewhere? all of my extra energy is being utilized by composing other letters of which you suckers will never read.

so, as a constellation, go here.

till next time.

good news.

i received a letter yesterday:

Congratulations! Your film THE THINGS MY PARENT TAUGHT ME has been selected for exhibition in the 15th Annual $100 Film Festival to be held March 8-10, 2007.


The festival provides one way shipping of your work. At the completion of the Festival, your film will be shipped back to you, pre-paid, along with a souvenir program, poster and screening fee.

a screening fee?!?!

how exciting is that?


10 February 2007

walked home tonite with my old banker. this kid had the most fantastic laugh and is going to teach me to be a hypnotist.

learned of new funding under way for my delightful animation project.

things are so fantastic when the mood strikes.


9 February 2007

i have been having a morning of pure indulgence. i am still in my pajamas, watching movies, and drinking coffee floats. i am going to be eating nachos with yogurt soon.

the coffee float was so delicious. java blend's fog city blend, with real vanilla bean ice cream. i feel like some sort of celebrity, except for the dingy pajamas.

well, got to get back to lounging.

p.s. if you are in the hali area, this is a warning. apparently this evening is the world's largest pub crawl or some shit. i am not stepping foot outside of my apartment after sunset.

8 February 2007

Five Minutes of Intense.

Dearest LuLu,

You have made me stand proud.
With thoughts of you, my swagger increases.
You sold me my first professional mustache.

I think of you and I can enter any room I want, with pride.

I will miss you forever.

I will cherish you forever.

Andy Rogenous.

7 February 2007

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Toothbrush Marketing

i picked this little gem up from discokuusisto's site. i laughed so hard.


i am too effing lazy to do my own update still.

2 February 2007

Giving in to Tempation.

Yeah, so I am feeling lazy and plagiaristic. I saw this on someone else's posting. Avoiding work on the computer and linking through Friend's pages can do this to you. I tried it out and was oddly impressed.

You know the drill, player on random and watch the results roll in.


Opening Credits:
The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes

Waking Up:
Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto - Billy Bragg

First Day At School:
Lesson 02b - Language Learning Sapnish

Falling In Love:
Lonely - Tom Waits

Fight Song:
Bus-A-Bus Interlude - Missy Elliott

Breaking Up:
Her Room - Tiger Lilies

School Ball:
Accept Yourself - The Smiths

Life's OK:
Doot Doot Ploot - Hidden Cameras

Mental Breakdown:
Naomi - Neutral Milk Hotel

Capturing Moods - Rilo Kiley

I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday - Morrissey

Getting Back Together:
Flight of the Icarus - Iron Maiden

William, it was Really Nothing - The Smiths

Birth of Child:
No Name #4 - Elliott Smith

Final Battle:
Big Black Mariah - Tom Waits

Death Scene:
Is There a Beat Generation - Jack Kerouac

Funeral Song:
Can I Play with Madness - Iron Maiden

End Credits:
Closing Time - Tom Waits

My day kinda sucked enough to not want to tell you people anything, so, take what you can get.



1 February 2007

The painting is drawing to a close. About time as well. There was a mishap which set me back quite a bit. The paint store mistinted the green I had chosen for my room, so I had to repaint it. I love the colour of it now though.

The living room is quite smashing as well. Imagine you have a can of magic, you open it up and it covers your walls. That is what my living room is now. Pure magic.

Still no phone.

A friend of mine bought a gorgeous road bike of which I will be eternally envious of. When we went to the bike shop, I fell in love with a bicycle. A Jamis Aurora touring bike. A shoddy photo is at the top of this post. It is 1000 dollars, so it will not be parked next to Bertha any time soon.

My studio is well on it's way to being fully functional, and I am looking into funding for another animation. Such fun.

over and out.