15 February 2007

good news.

i received a letter yesterday:

Congratulations! Your film THE THINGS MY PARENT TAUGHT ME has been selected for exhibition in the 15th Annual $100 Film Festival to be held March 8-10, 2007.


The festival provides one way shipping of your work. At the completion of the Festival, your film will be shipped back to you, pre-paid, along with a souvenir program, poster and screening fee.

a screening fee?!?!

how exciting is that?



tifilis said...

that is FUCKING AWESOME! Way to go dude.

Indecisive said...

Alright - Hey Now!
so, the film is already in their possession? (so you don't have to worry about shipping it there?)
My Parents Taught Me when in same province, I must take someone out to celebrate. Okay, bad pun.

recess bandit said...

yes,it is awesome. and indecisive, i think you may have snapped. step away form the computer and call someone.