28 July 2007


to the new energy saver.


Blackle is the new Google, except I cannot customize my homepage with them, so and I do not want to give up my pony.

yesterday was wicked awesome. fixing a dears bike, attending a b.b.q. with some quirks, then off to a Halloween in July party. I dressed as a beach party. Rode home very fast in funny, backless dress, hung out with cats and then chitty chatted on speaker phone, very reminiscent
of party lines i never got around to calling as a teen.

26 July 2007

so tired today.

it is so hot in my apartment. i do not have a fan and do not want to purchase one as it will just be one more thing to deal with when i leave in Vanuary.

I haven't slept in days, not a full sleep anyways. Last night there was a disturbance on my street. My next door neighbor had his bag stolen and was shouting very loudly about how he was going to find the bastard and shoot his fucking head off, or something to that effect. He was under my window while shouting this.

I panicked, of course, who wouldn't being woken up to that.

His friends squealed their cars into the lane and their was a commotion as they conversed loudly about some guy with a gray mustache on Maitland who had a bag just like it so they were going to go "take care of him".

This event took up at least an hour between the initial shouting and the cars taking off. There have been three murders within five blocks of me within the past two(ish) weeks. I feel like shit today and I am wondering how the new mother across the street is feeling. I wonder if I should try to have a conversation with her, instead of the occasional nod.

When I moved to this street, I was so excited cause it seemed like such a lovely quiet street. A friend told me she lived on this street and more than once woke up to find blood all over the street. I realized last night that I had been to a party here once before, back in the drinking days. Someone I knew went across the street to a party, now my neighbors house. She was harassed while there. I, being the weirdo that I am, went to defend her/get her ought of trouble. I almost got beaten up.

I have a problem. When I get nervous I get lippy. Really lippy. I am like a tiny dog, except big, so it isn't really funny to the other person. It has almost gotten me shot at least three times, really shot, with guns cocked and what not. It kinda sucks and it needs to stop.

So, why the ramble? I am hoping that I learn from this. I feel like I am going over the edge somehow, feel like getting drunk, you know? But I have to remember the baggage and history the drinking causes me.

Shit, I even have history with the new mother across the street.

whoosh, i feel much better.


24 July 2007

may i redirect your attention please....

i had a post all planned out that was full or humor and good cheer, but then read my sister's post and thought it more engaging.


23 July 2007


I just happened to catch the last hour of a movie entitled Black Girl. It was ridiculously mesmerizing and I want to see it again. I cannot find any copies anywhere online, and the IMDB's write up is lacking to say the least. The write up is here.

I am now on a mission to find a copy of this film. I did an internet search of the usual haunts here in town without any luck. If you ever see a copy of this movie, pick it up, watch it twice, then send it to me.

the dancing scenes are the best in the world.


20 July 2007

i must say

one of the best ways to spend a stormy afternoon is chatting with a dear friend.


19 July 2007

animated myspace graphics
happy pride gaywads.


living large,

the recess bandit.

16 July 2007

Cathy Jones

told me that she likes my glasses.
I almost told her she was part of the reason I moved out here.

Instead, i giggled like a donkey and keep walking.

such a fantastic day.

13 July 2007

i'm going to live FOREVER!!!!!!!

a small sample of the moles

at least according to this study.

a small excerpt:
"The results of this study are very exciting as they show for the first time that moley people, who have a slightly increased risk of melanoma, may, on the other hand, have the benefit of a reduced rate of aging," said lead researcher Dr. Veronique Bataille.

i am the most "moley" person i know.

and don't ask about the lip-stick.

11 July 2007

when it rains

rainbows appear.

it would appear that all is syncing up for this kid. it is almost eerie how it is all fitting in together.

after a self-induced, short time-out, i have reconnected with some of the best folks in this town.

while kicking around on bertha, getting my errands done, and enjoying the sunshine, i ran into someone i admire quite a bit. we hung out all day and night and made plans for a dinner gathering at my place. the soup was so good, i almost cried.

we ended up in a very intense conversation, which lead to the dearest suggesting i volunteer at The Youth Project. i was kind of wishy-washy about the whole thing, but later decided it would be a good thing.

So, fast forward to today, had a coffee date with a different dearest, enjoying fantastic conversation once again, when the company i was keeping had to skedaddle down to...........The Youth Project?!?! I was invited along for the Artsy Fartsy day to decorate for the float in upcoming parade. It was ridiculously delightful, and i will now be co-facilitating the trans-youth meetings.

so many other things are falling into place as well.

i have been making plans for the camper van plan. i think now is the time as things are going so smoothly. good times.


6 July 2007

my face

is killing me.

my entire body kind of hurts as i am going through withdrawal all over again.

i broke down and had drags of cigarettes the other night, and now i feel trancy.

i have began to enjoy the phone again as well.

long distance and close up.
gabby gabby gabby.

i want out so badly i feel shaky.

trying to get a photo show in vancouver, know anyone who wants my stuff?


3 July 2007

ever so badly

i want to be in b.c. for queeruption. i may hitchhike out if i can find a willing enough kid to go with.

know anyone?


2 July 2007


is worse than i could have ever imagined.

wanna know how i know?

i worked the beer tent at the canada day celebration on citadell hill. i almost cried. i defiantly vomited in my mouth countless times, and my fingers are sore from opening approximately 900 beer cans in a few short (but so, so long) hours.

memorable quotes from the bands:
"there is some french dude talking to me on the radio. man, french is so fucking lame!"
"somebody's smoking some fucking pot. keep it burning dude, i love it!"
"you people in halifax can fucking drink like no others"
"next time, i promise to play naked"
and, my personal favorite,
"show us some love, and maybe if you show us enough, she(woman from crowd on big screen) may show us some love too, hahaha."

when i signed up for the job, i do not think i was thinking clearly.

the only thing that made it alright is the fantastic event i attended afterwards with the destiny's child cover band. sadly, the show was missed, but the party was so much fun. we even formed the gay alliance.

and there is a new radical thingy starting up which i have been invited to join.

now, i have to go wash the stink of nickelback, hedley and stained off of me.