28 July 2007


to the new energy saver.


Blackle is the new Google, except I cannot customize my homepage with them, so and I do not want to give up my pony.

yesterday was wicked awesome. fixing a dears bike, attending a b.b.q. with some quirks, then off to a Halloween in July party. I dressed as a beach party. Rode home very fast in funny, backless dress, hung out with cats and then chitty chatted on speaker phone, very reminiscent
of party lines i never got around to calling as a teen.


Orhan Kahn said...


Deers ride bikes?

Indecisive said...

Apparantly Blackle is not necessarily all that it's cracked up to be - something about CRT monitors vs. LCD monitors. But just the same, it brings an awareness which is always good.
Ooh, I got a new bike. No pictures yet though. Soon, hopefully.

recess bandit said...

haha, i was wondering if anyone would pick up on the grammatical error, although in my defense, i do not think it is in the possessive without the apostrophe.


A New Bike?!?! whoa, how is that treating you. or rather, how is that treating Keiran?