11 July 2007

when it rains

rainbows appear.

it would appear that all is syncing up for this kid. it is almost eerie how it is all fitting in together.

after a self-induced, short time-out, i have reconnected with some of the best folks in this town.

while kicking around on bertha, getting my errands done, and enjoying the sunshine, i ran into someone i admire quite a bit. we hung out all day and night and made plans for a dinner gathering at my place. the soup was so good, i almost cried.

we ended up in a very intense conversation, which lead to the dearest suggesting i volunteer at The Youth Project. i was kind of wishy-washy about the whole thing, but later decided it would be a good thing.

So, fast forward to today, had a coffee date with a different dearest, enjoying fantastic conversation once again, when the company i was keeping had to skedaddle down to...........The Youth Project?!?! I was invited along for the Artsy Fartsy day to decorate for the float in upcoming parade. It was ridiculously delightful, and i will now be co-facilitating the trans-youth meetings.

so many other things are falling into place as well.

i have been making plans for the camper van plan. i think now is the time as things are going so smoothly. good times.


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