2 July 2007


is worse than i could have ever imagined.

wanna know how i know?

i worked the beer tent at the canada day celebration on citadell hill. i almost cried. i defiantly vomited in my mouth countless times, and my fingers are sore from opening approximately 900 beer cans in a few short (but so, so long) hours.

memorable quotes from the bands:
"there is some french dude talking to me on the radio. man, french is so fucking lame!"
"somebody's smoking some fucking pot. keep it burning dude, i love it!"
"you people in halifax can fucking drink like no others"
"next time, i promise to play naked"
and, my personal favorite,
"show us some love, and maybe if you show us enough, she(woman from crowd on big screen) may show us some love too, hahaha."

when i signed up for the job, i do not think i was thinking clearly.

the only thing that made it alright is the fantastic event i attended afterwards with the destiny's child cover band. sadly, the show was missed, but the party was so much fun. we even formed the gay alliance.

and there is a new radical thingy starting up which i have been invited to join.

now, i have to go wash the stink of nickelback, hedley and stained off of me.



tifilis said...

wow...french is so fucking lame? It's almost as if I've forgotten the joys of Halifax beer jocks. A special breed indeed. In 9 days (9 days!!!) I will be able to experience it with my very own two eyes.

What are you doing this weekend, want to go for breakfast? I want to bring you back for Queeruption. They would eat you up over here...

recess bandit said...

yeah yeah yeah!!!! breakfast for sure! i so very much want to go to queeruption. i even tried to find a job to pay for my way out there.

i so very much want to be eaten up by the folks attending queeruption.

Indecisive said...

nickelcrack = crabtrap