29 October 2006

This Shit is Toooooo Funny.

So, instead of boring you with my stories, I shall re-direct you to my sister's recent post. My sides hurt from laughing so much. I don't recall ever seeing this picture before.

boxed in.

24 October 2006

23 October 2006

So, Girl-ish Productions had a pirate themed dance party. I love a dress up dance party! I went as an ARRRRGyle pirate.

The tights are argle print as well.


New Pearls!!!!!!!!

22 October 2006

18 October 2006

Dear Tifilis, I tried to call you this evening, but you decided not to be home. This is too bad as apparently, I am an excellent phone conversationalist! Oh well. Perhaps I shall try in the next day or two.....is one day better than another?

In other news: the housemates slept soundly as I danced up and down the hallway with fantastic music in my head. My monkey-duck slippers work wonders at keeping the sound of my footsteps to a minimum.

Also, I taught myself to waltz this evening. I am super graceful. You can ask anyone that was in my house this evening as I held multiple demonstrations.

i can lead and follow.

i am such a catch.

till it happens again.

i feel as if i am drowning.

17 October 2006

I have stumbled upon a free studio space for me and my animation. Unbelievable. I can build and shoot there, with all access as far as I know. Super happy.

Plus: I am trying to make my way to Vancouver in the next few weeks. Please keep eyes and ears open for oppertunities. Thanks in advance.

6-8 weeks out of surgery......finally. I, rather unfortunatley, miscalculated and may have done some damage.

Things are progressing. I am finally able to move about and get things done.

the zine fair is on saturday. i will be kicking it with the kids.
there will be some video/film being shown.
my musical may be there.

14 October 2006


I once had a pony I loved very much.

11 October 2006

Good Looking.

Here is some interesting reading. Enjoy.

My shampoo, which I can admit, I only use once a month if that, scored a 1.3. I was quite surprised at this as I thought it would have scored higher. Maybe now I will wash my hair regularly...

4 October 2006

sloppy drunk= vicious hangover.

i lived though, which means i am not the messiah. explanation to follow.

3 October 2006

happy birthday to me.

my oh my what a handsome kid i am.

quite truly,
the recess bandit.