17 October 2006

I have stumbled upon a free studio space for me and my animation. Unbelievable. I can build and shoot there, with all access as far as I know. Super happy.

Plus: I am trying to make my way to Vancouver in the next few weeks. Please keep eyes and ears open for oppertunities. Thanks in advance.

6-8 weeks out of surgery......finally. I, rather unfortunatley, miscalculated and may have done some damage.

Things are progressing. I am finally able to move about and get things done.

the zine fair is on saturday. i will be kicking it with the kids.
there will be some video/film being shown.
my musical may be there.


tifilis said...

Oh, oh! When you come can you bring it so can see it? I really want to see it so badly.

recess bandit said...

will do, mildew.