19 December 2005

oh the change

so, it has been quite the time away hasn't it. i have been so humping busy that i have not had the time/energy/enthusiasm to post on this friging thing. my house is in chaos at the present time. we have one person moving out and another moving in. the halls are filled with boxes. the hot water tank shut down as well. oh the mundane existence. so, school is out for the holidays. i bought myself soy ice cream in the flavor of chocolate mint. it is effing fantastic. the funny thing is, and i eat a lot of natural foods, when i first opened the container, my initial thought was "why isn't it green?". my favorite thing about this holiday, i get the house to myself for 7-8 days. fantastical.
side note, the camera still hasn't arrived and i am beginning to think something strange is going on. i am going to do what ever i can to get some humping video uploaded soon.
another side note, i quite smoking and cursing. i find the cursing harder to do without.

the recess bandit.

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