5 June 2007

I'll shake forever and I'll never care

i feel like breaking my own ribs, just to see if it really hurts.

i almost jumped into traffic to see if the cars would stop.

i jumped up to see if i could reach the rim of a basketball net.

i have had to put my bike away for fear of spacing out and drifting into traffic.

i break into a run sporadically.

i half collapsed because my legs forgot to move.

i took six photos of that fly.

i am half crazy, half paranoid, half asleep and one hell of a mathematician!

i have quit smoking and it hurts.

now go away you dirty bird, and allow me to pace in peace.


tifilis said...

I quit smoking too, dude. It's cool, it will pass, and then you'll go back your regular crazy self. At least I think that's what happened to me...ok maybe slightly more crazy than before but it's hard to tell cause now I have more energy.

recess bandit said...

fantastic! we can hang out and be all straight-edge together and shit.