30 May 2007

Oh Sherrie

this is a little embarrassing, but when I was about ten or eleven, I had a strange crush on steve perry, from journey fame.

it was his single, oh sherrie, that drew me in. the video was on MTV quite often, and I developed a fascination for him. i am guessing this is what constitutes as a crush...a fascination?

there is something still enjoyable about the song, and when i looked at photos of steve, i was fascinated that i still found him attractive. it kind of explains a lot of things, like my immense attraction to large noses, and why i dated the only true head banger back in grade 5....the only person i dated, actually.

all of this leads me to the wonderful photoshopped work you see above. i call it "a delicious steve perry sandwich!"


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iBlogger1 said...

Its a long time to return a comment. Good that you enjoyed those few lines of a nice work written by an author whose name I forgot. And wish you all the best in your life.