29 May 2007

my street is tiny.

there are about 17 houses, maximum, on my little street.
double dead end street. it is pretty easy to notice what is going on on the street.

well, it would appear that someone living in the house next door is wanted by johnny law. i know because they came to my door asking me about my neighbor, and if i knew what houses where rentals. i am not going to pretend i know why the fuck the cops want to know which houses are rentals, that is just what the awkward cop asked me. poor kid hadn't the slightest idea what gender role to put me in, kept going back and forth from sir to madman, not that i mind.

the point of all this?

well, it would appear that there are two paddy wagons and one cruiser waiting for my neighbor to arrive home, i am guessing with the intention of bringing him into the station to do whatever it is they do here. the thing is, they are parked right outside the house. in plain view!

do they really think the kid is just going to walk into his front door without any indication that perhaps he may be in some sort of danger?

would he really go home?

it really is some sort of sting operation. amazing.

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