4 April 2006

My Walkman has no Batteries.

Walking home from school today, I was privy to some interesting conversation. Three people, two females, one male, walking down the street towards me. The older women is saying".....so I told him that I do not wear a bra. I got nothing to put in it!". To which she cackled as if it was her best line. The kind of dry, raspy, wheezy cackle that a middle aged, heaving smoking woman can achieve.

I have decided to leave the walkman at home more often.

Coming Soon: Guest Bloggers!!!!! -or- I am getting super lazy.

the sissiest recess bandit around.


tifilis said...

Dude, I miss you. Can you fly here and then we can go for breakfast?(they have a $3 special here). There's even an old pub on my corner we can go have beer and hit on all of the art school kids, it'll be great. Or if I get this design job I'll hop on my very first plane and we can do it up north end style, yeah maybe I'll surprise you, that would be even better!

Anonymous said...

Can I be a guest?

Camel said...

I was a guest at an intervention once. Would this be similar?

recess bandit said...

Tifilis, I miss you more than the wart they removed from my pinkie finger. Breakfast would be lovely. Only 3 dollars? That shit must be tasty. As far as you surprising me....I have already started to build you a fort in the backyard to stay in!

recess bandit said...

M, you can certainly try.

recess bandit said...

Camel, if you mean that you would be ......uh, I got nothing.