6 April 2006

So Many Useless Skills.

In an attempt to get a decent paying job/(gasp) career, I am learning the insides and outs of the basic computer programs. This fantastic piece was pieced together using photoshop. I also did two stop-motion animations and one time-lapsed video today. I have discovered a new program that my mother is going to buy me. That's right, the recess bandit is going legit and I have a mother.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

mummy,can i have a condo in cuba?mummy,can i have a tit sewn into my mouth?haha.thats rad.
dude-its all about the spastic wrap filter.

recess bandit said...

are you calling me a spaz?!?!? hahhahaha. a tit sewn in my mouth, interesting thought, as long as it is not mummy's.

Anonymous said...

On your tongue!You could chew your own nipple.
Nervously the way some people chew thier hair.No one will know.Ha
I sent you an apology.I'm grovel ready