20 April 2006

An open letter to Michael Jackson.

Dear Michael Jackson,
What the frack happened to you. When I was a young, impressionable youth I loved you very much. I bought your lps, I had the glove and the sparkle socks, I even had the red Beat It jacket. You were a very handsome and talented young man. Now, I cannot believe you look and act the way that you do.

As part of some research for a short film, I have been watching your old music videos. They are amazing. I felt nostalgic for the old you, the one I had no embarrassment about dressing like. Was the fame really too much? Did you burn up when getting too close to the sun?

I spent many hours in my basement trying to emulate your dance moves, sweating away hours of my precious youth. I wore my love for you very proudly:

The glasses say it all.

the recess bandit.

1 comment:

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