22 March 2006

The Good Old Days.

Yes, I remember a time when my household had oil to keep us warm. Now we just have our parkas. One would think we had learned our lesson the last time.

truly cold,
the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

did you go to western?in ontario?

recess bandit said...

hello m, I am not sure if we on the same window. Just in case, no, I did not go to Western, but I did live in that city for a small amount of time.

dirtymaggie said...

Dear Recess Bandit,

It is nice and balmy in San Francisco. Wish you were here to crash the trendy dyke bar that we went to tonight. Oh well, back to frigid conditions in N.S. tomorrow. Maybe we can actually get together for drinks upon our return. I'm sure Hal-town has missed me. See you soon suckers.


recess bandit said...

Hey Dirty Maggie,
Geez you are very worldly now. Drinks upon your return? Yes. Crashing trendy dyke bars? AThat is right up my alley. So sorry I could not be there with you. Drop me a line when you get in.