1 March 2006

Robot Love

I cannot believe how much I am
a) in love with this.
b) envious that I did not create it myself.

c-c-c-check it out.

the recess bandit.


disco kuusisto said...

goddammit it's like they read your diary.

recess bandit said...

I believe they are pick axing their way into my brain. It is the only way they could have found my "robot whore" fantasy.

Anonymous said...

That is very impressive!..Even the yellow reminds me of you.
My phone broke...getting anew one...wana hang out tomrrow?

recess bandit said...

Tommarrow sounds good. My time is dealt out in small incriments now due to ton-o-homework. Yes, I am doing homework.

Anonymous said...

your so fancy.trip is gooood.Lets get together and do each other's locs.Come and meet my new kitty.I think Ill name her after the master in killbill.
oh-why don't you do an actionfigure website.?