26 February 2006

Reward for Memory Retrieval.

The mood of the evening last night felt similar to what I imagine the end of prohibition felt like. At least for me it did. I can't seem to remember anyone else's mood. I do remember making out with some random woman and we may have made plans to move back to Montreal together. I remember that I promised her something about four days from now. Unfortunately that is all that there is. No name, no face, nothing. I think I need to start filming my life as my memory is not cutting it. Drunk or sober, not much sticks. Unless it is sung. So maybe I need to turn my life into a musical.

That would be lovely.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

why dont you come on over for dindins.I have a solution for you and I;m not leaving till tomorrow.

DirtyMaggie said...

Recess Bandit,

Thurs. would be a great time to hang out under normal conditions. However, I will be getting on a plane Fri. morning at some godawful hour like 5 am. So Thurs. is out. The missus and I will be off to the west coast at the end of the week and shan't return until three weeks hence. So get yer DirtyMaggie action while ya can. How aboot Tues. or Wed. night?

recess bandit said...

Hey Dirty,
Wednesday sounds good. I found your number. I will call you. Mine is the same as it always was (I took it with me). Chow Mein......
the bandit.

disco kuusisto said...

look ma, i'm blogging. i found your blog. so who's the genius now?!