10 February 2006

fixing things.

BFF # 3.

Can you read the amount of grams in that thing? The last time I had a box that large was during the re-release of the Star Wars movies. When I told my boy lover that I would dump him if: Luke Skywalker/Hans Solo/ Princess Leia asked me out. That pretty much ended our relationship.

Tonite, I re-started another relationship. Joyful hyperness. What is needed? First, run all the way downtown. Second, have a cup of Turkish coffee at 9:15 at nite. Third, buy the biggest box of Junior Mints you can find, with the intention of eating the whole thing (and I did). Gently mix these ingredients together while in a theatre of teens watching the most absurdly funny movie you have seen in a while. Simmer out all of the thoughts that everyone around you sucks. Then go home, and write the most inane blog to date, shower, exfoliate with new macadamia nut gel, and go to bed. Good nite world.

the recess bandit.

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