18 February 2006

Clever ways in which I have discovered how to procrastinate writing a script due for school:
1) In the excuse of "but I need it to be creative", go out and buy copious amounts of alcohol.
2) Instead of drinking at home, in front of computer as planned, go out with friends to drink.
3) Upon arrival home, continue the drinking, in front of computer, perusing images of pin-up girls.
4) Take first opportunity to drink in kitchen with newest member of household, to get to know her, of course.
5) Smoke too much, drink too much, talk too much.
6) Set up workhorse computer with a task that renders it helpless in the manner of allowing me the simple task of accessing Celtx.
7) Have such a severe brain hangover that you end up cock-eyed all day today.
8) Make plans to go out again this evening.
9) Phone everyone of your friends to ask what colour of lipstick they think you should get.
10) Compose this inane post, in celebration of procrastination.
11) Post pictures of some of the dogs at your Mother's house. Voila:

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