15 February 2006

I believe the transition to be complete.

In the tradition of celebrating the "holidays" in my own way, I came up with the best plans for last evening.

While frequenting the local grocers, I happened upon some lipstick and mascara. It was shiny, bright, and free. Three things that this kid cannot pass by. Have I mentioned my magpie tendencies yet?

So, with vegetables in hand, and make-up in pocket, I made my way home. The whole way chattering excitedly to my friend/driver about my newly acquired treats.

Upon reaching my abode, I scurried into the powder room to "put on my face". So beautiful and sparkley. I then put on my best crinoline, fixed my hair, got down on my knees, and scrubbed the bathtub. I needed to wash away my most recent hair dying experiment.

After my house-wife duties were complete, I curled up with the new squeeze to watch Birth. Such a fantastic, heart-wrentching, I may never/always believe in love/destiny again. I was speechless.

The event was a raging success, and, the oil-man was highly impressed with my face effort.

the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

New squeeze?!?! What ! I am the BFF and I don't know about the new squeeze! is this a person? or is this your new hot water bottle you have been bragging about.

Anonymous said...


recess bandit said...

Jealous much?

recess bandit said...

Uh, don't you mean "whateves"? Gawd, you are such a reject!