1 February 2006

Can it get any better?

Dear World,
Just when I was starting to think you didn't love me anymore, you surprise me with a day like today. I mean, season two of Carnivale and a blizzard on the same day? How perfect is that. So, on this snow day, I am snuggling up with some depression-era, circus-freak drama, my kats, and my knitting. I officially proclaim this day to be my favorite day this week!

Clea Duvall.

Nick Stahl.

Michael J. Anderson.

How could I go wrong?
the recess bandit.


Anonymous said...

damn,are you able to tape them?

Anonymous said...

I'm such a dork-burn them.pfft.
its ok if you don't want to talk to me in public anymore.

recess bandit said...

Yes, I shall burn them for you. And about being seen with you in public? Well, that I can do. But the cost has just gone up. See you tonite?

Anonymous said...

give me a call.can't remember what the plan is.